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Rachel Goode is the talented founder and designer behind the wonderful brand, Briar Handmade. Rachel began creating her signature bonnets shortly after the birth of her daughter. For Rachel's branding, we created a one-of-a-kind hand-lettered primary logo and paired it with a hand-drawn illustration of some delicate flowers.  Not only did the flowers add a little extra touch to her branding, but they made a great pattern for her to utilize in multiple ways.  Rachel also had this idea of creating a card that could be shipped out with every one of her beautiful bonnets that visually showed her customers how to tie the perfect bow for their new bonnet.  To achieve this, Rachel sent over photos of her tying the bow as well as a video that captured all of the steps.  Based on that, I was able to illustrate each and every step and in the end we were able to bring Rachel's idea to life.