How can I get started?

To work with me all you have to do is either fill out the contract form on this website by clicking here or you can email me directly at hello@cristinamartinezpaz.com

Please allow 4-6 business days for me to respond to your inquiry, please note that due to the volume of inquires I receive on a daily basis, sometimes it may take me up to a week to provide you with a proper response.  

What part do I play?

My clients play a heavy (and significant) role in my design process.  Because design is such an organic process, I always intend to make sure that we are on the same page each step of the way to ensure that you will walk away with a design you love.  

Because of this, the design process does include a lot of back and forth collaborations on both ends.  Below is some more (specific) tasks that are expected of my clients.


Contract & Payments

Each project has it's own custom project contract which details everything you need to know about the project such as a projected timeline, payments, what's included in the project and much more. 

To begin working, I do require a 45% downpayment for the majority of projects.  This downpayment secures your spot in my client schedule and it also serves as the first payment for your project. 


If you're questions is not answered,  please feel free to contact me directly by clicking here or emailing me directly at hello@cristinamartinezpaz.com