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Plum & oak

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Elyse Whall is the talented lady behind the Wedding & Commercial photography studio, Plum & Oak.  When Elyse first contacted me, she was in need of a complete branding and was excited to get the process started.  For her branding, we decided to go with a hand-lettered logo to ensure that her branding had a unique touch.  During the project, Elyse expressed her love for nature, especially the hues that make up salt crystals.  Because of this, we utilized the various hues that make up salt crystals as inspiration for her branding color palette.  In the end we ended up with a feminine color palette which paired beautifully with the masculine lettering of her branding.  It was also important for Elyse to somehow include her fascination with Moroccan rugs in her new branding, to achieve this we decided to create a minimal pattern design that mimics the repetitive line work found in Moroccan rugs.  For Elyse's website I really wanted to showcase her beautiful photographs so we decided to utilize multiple images per page in order to achieve this.  We added custom illustrations of some of her favorite things as a small but significant detail throughout the entire website.



plum and oak colors new-01.png